And Relish summer action continues!

Session about spices with Donnington Doorstep over 50’s Group – 14th August

“What amount of spices do I need to add to my dish so that is not too spicy?”, “I have a spice rack, but I never use them because I don’t know which spices go with what!”, “I never have any cooking ideas with spices.” Here are some of the questions and remarks we had when we joined the Donnington Doorstep Over 50’s Group for a session about spices.

Throughout the workshop, we answered their queries by giving them some easy spicy recipe ideas to recreate at home. Among those ideas, we made a Fresh Ginger & Lemon drink and some Crispy Spicy Chickpeas. Furthermore, we jazzed up the basic fruit salad by adding couscous and nutmeg and cinnamon for an easy spicy pudding. This workshop would have not been complete if we hadn’t shared some of the amazing health benefits of spices.

Relish had a great time sharing knowledge and ideas around spices, we would certainly return for more spicy action! If you fancy a similar workshop for your group, drop us a line at

Elder Stubbs Festival – 18th August

This year Relish joined the fun and friendly Elder Stubbs Festival well organised by Restore. Our ‘Guess the weight of the exotic basket” Competition attracted many people on our stall and our tasty activity of making fruit kebabs has been a success. Relish was overwhelmed by people’s enthusiasm for our work.

We were able to point out the surplus food issue by mentioning that all of our food was coming from Oxford Food Bank and therefore destined to landfill.

We are looking forward to getting some action going after this day full of lovely meetings. We hope to be back again next year!

Bicester Play Day – 28th August

Relish had left Oxford for a day to join the fun at Bicester Play Day. Surrounded by Achieve Oxfordshire and the Health and Wellbeing Bus, we encouraged a life with less sugar!

With the help of a game, we help people realise how much sugar there were in their favourite sugary drinks like Lucozade or Ribena. Once they get over the shock and surprise, we were able to discuss their taste and habits about sugar. We also engaged conversation about snack eating and possible sugar swaps to reduce our daily sugar intake.

Relish are glad to have been invited to participate in this Play Day, we had a great rewarding time. If you’re in Whitney on 13th October, come join us for a similar event.

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