Relish our early summer action

Oxford’s Big Green Day Out – 9th June

Among 56 other stalls, Relish was delighted to join the Oxford’s Big Green Day Out organised by Oxford City Council. The event was a great foretaste of the Oxford Green Week that aims at promoting sustainability and the protection of the environment in Oxfordshire.

People enjoyed discovering food from another angle. Funky faces on a plate and edible food sculptures encouraged creativity using surplus food.

Relish had a great time meeting many of you to hear about your lovely new ideas. We would definitely like to come back next year!

Leys Festival – 7th July

What better way to connect with Blackbird Leys local people than joining their annual Leys Festival? On a scorching summer Saturday, Relish was prepared for some great food fun activities and meeting local people.

Eager to Relish the action

The festival opened at 11 a.m. and after a slow start, people began to flow, attracted by our tasty “Guess the weight of the basket” competition.

While adults were having fun trying to estimate the weight of the basket, children dug into the fresh pile of fruits and veggies (kindly supplied by the Oxford Food Bank) to create some funky faces on a plate. This activity proved that greens are not only delicious but can also be playful. Children were super excited about eating their creations realizing that playing food was an opportunity not to be missed!

We had really engaging conversations with locals about their interests in cooking and food. This is how, in the end, the day was filled with some pretty good ideas for future cooking opportunities down in Blackbird Leys. A warm thank you goes to all the participants who entered our competition. The actual weight of the basket was 6.350 kg, so that’s 14 Ibs!

We always love to hear your ideas for cooking workshops, so don’t hesitate to contact us by email 😉

Bread Baking Workshop – 28th of July

On a slightly cooler day in a British heatwave, Relish had the pleasure to organize its long-awaited Bread Baking Workshop in North Oxford. We welcomed a keen participant who was excited to improve her skills in bread baking.

We began with an informal discussion about bread, flour and our experiences (more or less successful) followed by a quiz to learn some nutritious nuggets. It was then time for action ; we headed to the kitchen to mix, knead and prove dough, to begin the bread baking experience! Making the basic loaf joyfully led to soda bread, pizza dough and bagel baking, but always sprinkled with tips and stories about bread.

How to perfectly knead the dough

After this great effort came satisfying results! The session ended with a tasty meal of fresh baked pizzas, salads as well as irresistible tasting of our different bread.

Some of the variety of bread baked during the workshop

Participants went home happy with fresh baked and delicious bread, easy and diverse recipes to recreate at home. There was clearly greater bread baking confidence!

Massive thank you to Woodstock Road Baptist Church for letting us use their amazing kitchen.

Contact us to be part of our next workshop at

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