Relish is a new social enterprise, created to support and initiate food related work in and around Oxford. It has emerged from 7 years community food work experience, working with a broad range of groups and organizations across the city. 

We exist to build skills and knowledge in nutrition and cooking, where learning is an adventure. Participants build confidence and discover the joy of developing interests and abilities in cooking and nutrition, while communities are strengthened and grow. 

Our courses and events are designed with participants involvement, to  specifically meet your needs and interest, knowing that from start to finish the learner is central.   









As a social enterprise Relish is committed to empowering individuals and groups to grow and develop their ideas for food related work. This is achieved through leadership training, mentoring and follow up. 



Relish is committed to growing and maintaining healthy community partnerships where we can assist communities in their capacity by delivering a wide range of food education, activities and courses. As a social enterprise, Relish reinvests it's resources into communities, to contribute to their sustainability.


We beleive that food is a social glue, bringing people of diverse backgrounds together, to enjoy cultures to shape our understanding and appreciation of others.









 creatively connecting communities through food, cooking and culture 

Call: 07914395619 


Email: relishcommunity@gmail.com 



Relish is a social enterprise and becoming a charity 


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